Brighter Dallas is a political action committee in Dallas, Texas that promotes social and political
awareness throughout the city.

Congressman Pearce with Brighter Dallas

Candid Candidates Episode #1: Roger Williams

About Brighter Dallas

Congressman Pearce, Court Alley, and Thomas GleasonBrighter Dallas is a state political action committee focused on electing officials in the Greater Dallas Area. We're a team of volunteers, consulting firms, and campaign managers based here in Dallas, Texas. We've worked for senatorial, gubernatorial, and presidential races nationwide and have history of not only engaging the Dallas political community, but also constructing winning campaigns.

Promoting Winning Candidates

We believe Dallas is a city ready to elect strong, principled, conservative leaders. We realize that too often our values are poorly communicated in urban areas, hampering our ability to win elections at city, state, and national levels. We specialize in working in races where strong campaign strategies will push our endorsed candidates to victory.

Engaging Our City

Brighter Dallas focuses on 3 to 5 main races per election cycle. By working with neighborhoods and groups that are traditionally ignored by conservative campaigns, we engage an important part of our city that often feels marginalized and poorly represented by their elected candidates.